There is lots to love about making pictures,  making rather than taking because that’s what we do.  It’s usually team effort, some times from scratch in the studio like the jungle for Vernon Kay sometimes on location like Dan Carter at Tower Bridge it is still lit, styled, made-up, propped, positioned and framed which is what I love.

I love the way every shoot is unique, with its own challenges, it keeps you on your toes and reminds you there is no way you can be complacent. It keeps you sharp, always looking for the right location within a location and then making your enthusiasm infectious.

Then there are the people I get to work with, not just the surprising celeb who couldn’t be more accommodating but the teams we have learned to rely on over the years to pull it all together.  I’m really fortunate to have some great people to work with.  That being said there have been some great images from some less than ideal situations so there is no telling what will work, there is just working until it does.

That’s me, cautious by nature I always bring too much kit with me ‘just in case’ and it’s all in the lighting, I’m much more likely to buy new lighting things than another camera.

Thanks for looking!  Paul